This is an Etwinning project between French and Czech school groups. The students will have to work in cooperation in order to discover some facts and stories about their partners, their partners’lifestyles and countries.

The aim is to make young Europeans communicate and exchange about themselves. Each partner group will send a mystery message with clues ( photos, small texts, riddles, short films …) on a topic and the twin partner group will have to work on the mystery and look for the solution.


Each group will be working on the same topics. The pupils will be working in group in order to work on their mysteries. Then, they will send their document(s) to their partner. The idea would be to always start from a photo or a piece of a photo ( a missing part would increase the information gap)

Once the partners get the mystery, they have to start working on it. They will ask questions ( using the forum, emails, chat on the twinspace, record their questions on a video, video conference …) until they solve the puzzle.

When the mystery is solved, the partners will have to work on the person, the place, the monument … they will have to make presentations, recordings, movies on what / who they discovered.

List of Activities:

1) Mysterious place at school
FR - R.A.R.

2) Mysteriou person at school
CZ - T.G.Masaryk
FR - Mysterious student

3) Mystery in Mnichovice and Dijon
CZ - Mystery in the church
FR - Winepress

4) Mysterious Christmas CZ - Films about traditions
FR - Cartoon NOEL + Two short films about food

5) Mystery at sports
CZ - Field Hockey
FR - Petanque

6) Mystery of Prague and Dijon
CZ - Images, collage Prague
FR - Photos, details of the photos from Dijon

7) Mysterious Historical Person
CZ - Film about Jan Žižka
FR - Cartoon about Jacques Cartier

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