Základní škola T. G. Masaryka Mnichovice (Czech republic)
Collège Le Chapitre, CHENOVE (France)

Age of pupils: 11 - 13

Ivana Drbohlavová (CZ) and Catherine COURT (FR)

- to get to know each other
- to realise we are European citizens
- to know we have to work together
- to improve our knowledge in English and civics via communicative tasks
- to use a lot of ICT tools
- to share and evaluate results - use TwinSpace, YouTube, webside etc.

Projects eTwinning have been integrated in our school curriculum for 4 years.
Teachers of Czech and French school Ivana and Catherine have been colaborating for three years. Our cooperation is so great that we continue with different classes. We discussed our plans a few weeks before the beginning mostly on Skype or by e-mails. We even met on eTwin conference in Prague 2009 where we planned other activities.

The last project Tollerance and bullying received European quality label and also won Czech and French nationality price 2008.

The main part of project Neighbours for a year was made at these subjects: English, Civic, Geography, ICT. Teachers of these subjects cooperated together.
Czech school in Mnichovice use some results of this project at Comenius project G. Y. E. C. (Growing Young European Citizens, 2007 - 2009)


1) Introduction
Getting to know each other

2) Nationalities
Choosing different European countries
3) European countries
Making some research on European countries
4) Moving to Brussels Preparing for our journeys to Brussels.
5) Welcoming in Brussels, typical presents from EU
French film
6) Our houses and bedrooms

7) Invitation for national parties

8) European Parliament
Research of EU, excursion to Euro Centrum in Prague.
9) Homework at EU schools Let's try democracy and voting system in a parliament.
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